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What makes Bay State Fertilizer one of the most loved organic nitrogen fertilizers in New England?

The Best Value In Lawn Care

Bay State Fertilizer is comparable to other popular organic nitrogen fertilizers, but at less than half the cost per bag. We offer competitive rates for pick-up and delivery at our plant in Quincy, MA.

Professional Lawn Care for Everyone

Bay State Fertilizer has been used by golf courses and landscapers since 1995, and now you can get this same level of professional quality at your own home. The product is very easy to use no matter what your level of lawn care experience is. Our slow release formula means only 2-3 applications are required each year. Bay State Fertilizer will not burn your lawn, does not require frequent watering, and minimizes the risk of pollution; nutrients do not leach into the ground water or runoff during heavy rain.

Environmentally Friendly

Bay State Fertilizer is a 100% recycled fertilizer. The organic nitrogen in the product breaks down slowly, providing a continuous feeding to your plants without the need to reapply or water often. It helps conserve water and lower water bills! The slow-release formula of Bay State Fertilizer allows plants to have a greater opportunity to take up nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus, and at the same time prevents these nutrients from leaching into water sources. Studies conducted at the University of Massachusetts Amherst indicate that even when Bay State Fertilizer is applied at a rate six times higher than recommended, it poses no threat to groundwater quality. Bay State Fertilizer meets the most stringent EPA and Massachusetts DEP standards for fertilizer safety. We are classified as Exceptional Quality from the EPA, and we sample daily to ensure compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Versatile for All Landscaping Needs

Lawns: Bay State Fertilizer provides a long-lasting, continuous feeding to your lawn all year. Only 3 applications are required: one in late April, one in late July, and one in mid-November. Bay State Fertilizer won’t burn your plants or lawn, and reduces the need for frequent watering (as well as reducing your water bill!). Bay State Fertilizer can be applied with many available rotary or drop spreaders.

Shrubs: Bay State Fertilizer is perfect for giving your shrubs the nutrients they need for healthy growth. We recommend using Bay State Fertilizer when transplanting your shrub or fertilizing it in the spring to ensure a healthy growing season.

Vegetable Gardens: Bay State Fertilizer is a great supplemental fertilizer for use in your garden. Our product works to enhance soil by providing the nutrients your vegetables need, in turn improving your plants’ health and condition over time.

Annuals and Perennials: Improve the color and health of your flowers with Bay State Fertilizer. Blend fertilizer into the soil at the time of planting, then after 12 weeks, reapply on the surface of the soil to ensure your flowers look their best all year long.

Superior Purchasing Experience

When you buy Bay State Fertilizer, you’re purchasing straight from the manufacturer, which means you’re getting the freshest product at the cheapest cost to you. Your purchase of Bay State Fertilizer directly supports the MWRA and its member communities.

Our ordering system is simple and direct: simply give us a call or email, and you can pick up your fertilizer usually the next day.