How To Apply

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How To Apply Bay State Fertilizer


The following northeast states have regulations regarding the application of fertilizers containing phosphorus to turf: Maine, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Vermont. Please consult your local state laws before purchasing if you plan on using this product on turf.

MASSACHUSETTS CUSTOMERS: As of June 5, 2015, Massachusetts law 330 CMR 31.00 prohibits the use of fertilizer containing phosphorus on lawns that have not been tested and confirmed to require phosphorus, as well as on lawns that are already established. More information on this law as well as information on soil tests can be found at this page.

Use: Bay State Fertilizer keeps your lawn fed over extended periods of time without the need for excess watering. Following the application schedule will ensure your lawn is getting the nutrients it needs to maintain a healthy green color.

Application Process: Apply one 40 lb. bag per 2500 square feet evenly throughout your lawn. You can spread by hand or use a spreader to facilitate the process. Only 3 applications are necessary: once in late April, once in late August, and once in mid-November. Watering-in after applying is not necessary.


Use: Bay State Fertilizer can be used when transplanting shrubs to assist in growth, as well as for fertilization in springtime.

Application Process: When transplanting a shrub, use 1 pint of Bay State Fertilizer per shrub. At the point of transplant, mix the fertilizer with the soil used to fill the space between the root ball and the side of the excavation.

For spring fertilization, use 1.5 pints per shrub. Work the fertilizer into the soil around the base of the shrub.


Use: Bay State Fertilizer is an excellent supplemental fertilizer that can improve the condition of the soil in your garden and provide more nutrients to your plants.

Application: Apply 4 lbs. (3 quarts) per 100 square feet when planting.


Use: Bay State Fertilizer helps keep your flowers healthy and receiving the proper nutrients they need at the time of planting and throughout the season.

Application: 5 lbs. (just under 4 quarts) per 100 square feet when planting – Blend the product into soil at the time of planting. After 12 weeks, spread 3 lbs. (a little more than 2 quarts) per 100 square feet. Spread on the surface when reapplying.



Rotary Spreaders Setting
Scotts Basic, Delux Edge Control & Speedy Green series 10.5 (2 passes for new lawns)
Scotts Easy Green 27 (2 passes for new lawns)
Scotts EdgeGuard (Pro, Mini), Lawn Pro, Standard 10.5 (2 passes for new lawns)
Drop Spreaders Setting
Scotts Accu-Green Series (1000, 2000, 3000) 9 (established lawns), 15 (new lawns)
Not listed? Use our calibration settings or contact us for assistance.


How to calibrate your spreader:

  1. Pour 8 pounds of Bay State Fertilizer (1/5 of the bag) into your spreader.
  2. While walking at a steady pace, spread the fertilizer on your lawn until the spreader is empty.
  3. Using a tape measure or other tool, measure out the length and width of the area covered and multiply them to get the total surface area covered.
  4. The total surface area should be 500 square feet. If your surface area was less than 500 square feet, make the size of the openings in your spreader smaller. If your surface area was more than 500 square feet, make the size of the openings in your spreader larger.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 on other parts of your lawn until fully calibrated.