The Natural Choice for Seasons to Come

The Bay State Advantage

Enhancing the beauty of your lawn, season after season
Breaks down slowly to last longer

Organic nitrogen formula breaks down nutrients only when plants need them, making one application last for months at a time.

Won’t burn your yard or plants

No matter how much Bay State Fertilizer is applied, the slow-release formula will prevent burning by only supplying the necessary amount of nutrients.

Reduces the need for frequent watering

The organic matter in Bay State Fertilizer creates a soil that holds water for longer periods of time, saving you both time and money from watering.

Supplies iron and other beneficial micronutrients

Bay State Fertilizer guarantees 4% iron in every bag as well as additional nutrients healthy plants need such as calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

What is bay state fertilizer?

Natural, organic nitrogen fertilizer brings new life to your lawn

Bay State Fertilizer is essentially the nutrient rich expired microorganisms that remain after an accelerated natural biological process.
Microorganisms (microbes) feed on nutrients in wastewater, grow, and then expire. The nutrients that remain (in the form of deceased microorganisms) are consumed by additional microbes that grow and expire. This process is accelerated by recycling microbes in the secondary treatment process and adding oxygen. The nutrient rich expired microbes that remain after the secondary treatment process are sent to digesters where heat is added under anaerobic (no oxygen) conditions, allowing two different types of microbes to further process the remaining solids and produce valuable methane gas. When the methane forming microbes expire they are recovered and sent to a separate facility where they are mechanically dewatered and heat dried in the form of fertilizer pellets.

  • Proven track record

    Used and loved for over 20 years by landscapers, golf courses, and local communities.

  • Easy to use

    Only a few applications per year are required thanks to the slow-release formula.

  • Versatile

    Can be used on lawns, shrubs, vegetable gardens, and flowers.

  • Safe

    Meets the highest quality standards for fertilizer with both the EPA and the Massachusetts DEP.

Bay State Fertilizer is produced and sold by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

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